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Atlanta…Get Out of Your Car!

By William Woolery, Georgia Tech Student

William Woolery, Georgia Tech Student

William Woolery, Georgia Tech Student


Growing up in San Francisco with BART,

I already know riding MARTA is smart.

Take a pledge, starting now to be green,

The result? …a less congested Atlanta that has never been seen.


Give up your car and join in,

Get there faster, safer, less stress, and everyone wins.

Get the cars off the road,

Walk, take transit …be BOLD

It is the right thing to do,

Mother Earth thanks you too.


Stand up, Stand up, for transportation, it’s National Infrastructure Day,

Help change the business model for future growth to stay.

Acknowledge, raise awareness, to transportation’s funding plight,

Get the word out to Congress, the overdue investment is not slight.

MARTA’s commitment to small business is key,

“Join the efforts of the Strategic Alliance Memorandum!” said he.


Transit oriented development… TODs are here to study,

To increase service delivery and customer loyalty …tell your best buddy.

Economy and service, MARTA strives to provide,

With mix-use development, it will end that unnecessary drive.

Mix-use living awaits you, so continue your pace,

But take time to appreciate, you’ve saved valuable space.


Buses and trains have your route covered, so don’t be nervous,

They are working in tandem, to give you great service.

Create the perfect ride for all,

Be reliable, economic, safe, easy, without stalls.

Buses and trains will be high tech,

With mobile payment, Wi-Fi, and cellular connect.


Hop on success, Clayton County signed on,

Don’t delay the decision take a S.E.A.T. with the throngs.

Buckhead Station bridge has debuted, so take a walk to the train,

Customers agree, it was worth the small change.


Be “smarta” go MARTA, we know the routine,

Be popular again, take MARTA every day and join the MARTA team.

Don’t drive drowsy or stressed, play it safe, leave the driving dread,

Check out the new H.E. Holmes bus loop instead.


MARTA is “HOT”, the ridership is high,

This is the time to never say die!

“Ride with Respect”, keep your eyes wide for safety,

The effort by MARTA security has never been hasty.

Apprehending bad behaving people quick as they can,

For fare evading, initiating destructive deeds, or another evil plan.


The thought for the day is toilets you say?

Marta brought this necessity back to stay.

The hope is long term,

That toilets return.

Safe, sanitary, hands free, self-cleaning, and loiter-proof, it’s the “piece de resistance”,

The new washing unit/bathroom at Lindberg Center Station needs no assistance.


Mix smart growth with smart transit, and what does that mean?

It equals “routine excellence” and MARTA’s future is “green.”

We all can do our part…so sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride,

Support the ever evolving MARTA to be by your side.


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