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We’re back and welcome United Way of Greater Atlanta!

Alicia Philipp, president of The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Alicia Philipp, president of The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

We’re back! With fresh material! After a summer of sharing some of the best of The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta’s past Philanthropy Thought Leadership blogs, I want you to know that change is not just on the way – it’s here!

Going forward, I am excited to say the Philanthropy Thought Leadership blog will now be shared between The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta and the United Way of Greater Atlanta. Each organization will be providing new content on alternate weeks throughout the end of 2014 and throughout 2015.

For some, this may be surprising. Both Milt Little, CEO of United Way of Greater Atlanta, and I are often asked if we are competing organizations. My answer is always a loud “NO!” It would only be “yes” if you believe Atlanta’s philanthropic and civic resources cannot grow or if you think the quality of life challenges in our metro Atlanta region can be solved by just one organization, acting alone, with no help from anyone or any place else.

In fact, The Community Foundation and the United Way often partner together on a variety of projects. Last year we collaborated on the creation of The Philanthropy Store in Finance Park at the Junior Achievement Chik-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center. Each year, through the Philanthropy Store, 30,000 middle schoolers learn about how, together, they and their families can give of their time, talent and treasure to help their communities.

In addition to the Philanthropy Store, there are at least nine other significant projects underway that we have partnered on together. We preach and practice collaboration and we hope we serve as examples of the value and impact of smart, strategic organizational collaboration.

I hope you are looking forward to seeing what great material our organizations will bring you right here each week as much as I am! United Way … welcome to the Philanthropy Thought Leadership blog!

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