Connected to the past

Near the core of the Georgia State campus sits a Victorian structure that seems a bit out of place. Amid the multi-story buildings that line the street, it stands out in its uniqueness. With a gabled roof and turreted facade, what is today the home of the University’s Baptist Student Union resembles none of the other buildings in the neighborhood.


MomoCon 2019 by Kelly Jordan

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The ATL by Kelly Jordan

'Rocketman' – a jukebox version of Elton John, who deserves more

Going in, you already know that last year’s unexpected hit, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” would be either the best thing or the worst thing to happen to “Rocketman,” the new Elton John movie.The parallels are so strong: similar time frames, similar problems (being gay in a pre-woke world), similar storylines (success is more likely to bring cocaine than happiness).

It's time to complete DeKalb Avenue

By Guest Columnist STEPHANIE STUCKEY, director of sustainability services at Southface

Public spaces create a sense of place and belonging in a city.  Our streets, sidewalks, and greenspaces – and the neighborhood shops and restaurants along the way — are what connects neighbors to each other and builds community.  For too long, Atlanta’s shared spaces have been dominated by roads designed to move vehicular traffic quickly and massive heat islands of parking lots. Cars and asphalt jungles foster isolation, not togetherness.

Atlanta preparing bid for 2026 World Cup

Atlanta is beginning to prepare its official bid to host the semi-final matches of the 2026 World Cup later this summer, according to Dan Corso, president of the Atlanta Sports Council.

Corso was one of the guests who spoke to the board of the Georgia Department of Economic Development at SunTrust Park on Wednesday afternoon scheduled before a game of the Atlanta Braves.

Smuggling conviction shows nation's machinery for handling illegal border crossers

The nation’s machinery for prosecuting those involved in smuggling individuals who enter the country illegally was highlighted in a federal conviction announced Tuesday in Atlanta – the case involves a traffic stop for weaving in a lane, a smuggler who was first stopped for smuggling in 1996, and 10 Latin Americans who said they’d paid to be transported to the homes of relatives on the East Coast.