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Don’t bypass the BI-PASS

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Keith Singleton

By Keith Singleton

I would like to suggest a 15 day unlimited trips pass.
We can called it the BI-PASS because it works in concert with the BI-Weekly Pay Period.

This pass should cost $49.00 which is a better per day deal than the 7 day pass.
but still keeps the monthly pass a better deal.

The benefits of this pass

1. It is great for BI-Weekly employees that use the Marta System.
2. It is another alternative to the 7 day pass and the 30 day pass
3. A systematic renewal that can be set on the patrons Bill Pay of their BankBiing Institution
4. Patrons would ride MARTA knowing that they can BI-PASS traffic, BI-PASS the FARECARD Machines and BI-PASS the cost of Gas and Parking.
5. A new ridership base that will invest in the BI-Pass cards for employees, students and the elderly.
6. New employers now can offer another way to pay and ride marta.
7. The 15 day pass (BI-PASS) is set that it is convenient for everyone because it renews on the same day it was first used. For example a BI-PASS first used on the 1st Friday of the month would renew on the 3rd Friday of the month. The PayDay Fridays.

So Marta don’t bypass the BI-PASS card


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