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Essential Training for the Essential Workforce

By Atlanta Technical College

Atlanta Technical College provides essential training for essential services. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that our region, state, and nation have a critical reliance on nurses, healthcare technicians, first responders, supply chain technicians, and truck drivers.  These are just a few of the newly identified essential workers.  These career fields are exactly the program areas offered at Atlanta Technical College.  For those who have been furloughed or laid off due to COVID-19, there is hope and a way forward, through Atlanta Technical College. 

Virtual Open House and Summer Learning Opportunities at Atlanta Technical College

As we work to continue maintaining proper social distancing into May and the beginning of summer, Atlanta Technical College (ATC) has taken the time to go fully virtual for the duration of the summer semester. 

While we still want students to stay on top of their classwork and pursue lifelong educational opportunities and experiences through academic and innovative career preparation, student and faculty safety is our top priority.  

Virtual Open House and Free Registration Week

In this new virtual environment that our students have to now navigate, ATC hosted a virtual open house during the week of Apr. 27, allowing prospective students to see the best of what the College has to offer.  Promoted using a Facebook event and shared throughout the ATC networks, the Virtual Open House also featured videos from the Deans of Arts and Sciences, Business and Public Service Technologies, Industrial and Transportation Technologies, and Health and Public Safety Technologies.  These videos served to introduce prospective students to the leaders within the different departments and provide clarity in communication.  

This open house also featured a free application promotion, allowing students to apply for either the summer or fall semesters and get their application fee waived.  Atlanta Technical College is committed to creating an environment of learning, regardless of circumstance.  

Our Virtual Open House can be found on the Atlanta Technical College website here.  Connect with Atlanta Technical College on social media here: Twitter Instagram LinkedIn

Virtual Summer Courses

As a precaution against COVID-19, Atlanta Technical College’s summer semester 2020 classes will continue virtually in the all-digital learning format.  The faculty and staff are taking steps to ensure everyone can connect and continue their paths to a new career and economic empowerment.  

For a full catalog of courses available this summer, check out our website here.  

Student Success Story: Debra Spencer

A retired military decorated Army veteran with over 25 years of service to her country, Ms. Debra Spencer has received several awards and citations from the White House under former President Barack Obama and from the Military Armed Forces. Honorably discharged in 2014, Ms. Spencer also sustained some significant service-connected disabilities. During her retirement, she undertook several medical and physical therapy treatments for her injuries, which included relearning daily activities that we may take for granted.  Ms. Spencer found volunteering for various organizations as a lifeline in helping to restore her balance into civilian life.

Because of her love of knowledge and desire to keep learning at all times, Ms. Spencer desired to gain some new skills.  After being informed by the Veterans’ Administration about the educational opportunities available to her due to her age,  she researched online for the best school in Atlanta that would allow her to gain competitive skills in this now-digital world.  She discovered Atlanta Technical College (ATC) and felt that it was the best fit for her, and she decided to enroll in the Design and Media Production Technology courses.  

When asked what brought her to ATC, Ms. Spencer stated, “I wanted to know more about technology.  While in the military, my skills included being a court reporter, a human resources manager, and a paralegal.  Coming out of the military, it was a whole new world.  Due to my disability, at that time I couldn’t gain employment, so I went to ATC because I needed to know what’s going on in real-time here and now.  I needed to become relevant to this day and age, especially during this time of crisis.  I want to learn more about the technical world and what our society is now.  ATC advertised that they could show us how to be relevant.  I want to speak the language and have the necessary skills to work the equipment.”

Ms. Spencer corresponded with media and technologies professor Ms. Karen Shacham during her application process and gained the reassurance and confidence she needed to become a full-time student in Media and Design.  She felt that her instructors and fellow students were extremely helpful in her matriculation into a second-semester student, allowing her to satisfy her love for technology and learning.  

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, Ms. Spencer was finalizing her steps to becoming certified as a professional camera assistant and getting ready to eventually graduate.  So she could remain on top of her classwork, Ms. Spencer purchased an inexpensive laptop, but then discovered that the technology was incompatible with the software needed to edit her projects and teleconference with classmates.  With the help of Professor Shacham and the ATC Foundation, Ms. Spencer was able to receive a desktop computer that can help her remain in contact with her professors and stay strong as she focuses on graduating and finishing strong.  

Ms. Spencer is just one of the many students who are finding success through Atlanta Technical College.  Her success and that of her fellow ATC AllStars demonstrates that Atlanta Technical College is essential and is the path to economic mobility.


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