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The face of philanthropy is changing. Women are leading that change.

Recent data from United Way shows the power of women uniting under a common purpose. United Way’s woman leaders volunteer more and give significantly larger donations than men. Fifty-one percent of individual engagement by affinity groups comes from women and 70 percent of the money raised by affinity groups comes from women.

Did you know that nearly half a million children in Greater Atlanta live in communities with low or very low child well-being? By 2027, United Way of Greater Atlanta and its partners have set a goal to improve the well-being of more than 250,000 children across Greater Atlanta’s 13-county region. Women are driving that change.

United Way of Greater Atlanta has several women affinity groups, including Women’s Leadership Council, Women of Cole and Women of Tocqueville – which recently advocated for the successful passage of a Georgia constitutional amendment, the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund, which passed with an 80 percent margin.

I’ve been a long-time, proud supporter of United Way. I got involved with them in 1981 as a campaign volunteer because my son, born with cerebral palsy, was receiving much-needed early childhood support from a United Way-funded program. Thirty-seven years later, that child, now a grown man, lives an independent life due to the early intervention that United Way chose to make available in our community.

Today, as a member of the Global Women’s Leadership Council of Women United and a past chair of the United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Women’s Leadership Council, I see the difference that Greater Atlanta’s generous women donors continue to make in our community.

When we learn that all of the children are not doing well in our community – and we make a philanthropic contribution to the Child Well-being Impact Fund of United Way, we can change the future for all of our children.

If you’re already one of the 3,000 women in Atlanta who are engaged with our women’s initiatives, thank you!

And if you are interested in being a part of our movement, I invite you to join us at Leading a Life of Purpose on May 10. We need you to join other like-minded women to invest in a better future for our region’s children. None of us can do it alone.

Terri Theisen is the Principal Consultant at Theisen Consulting LLP and a member of the Global Women’s Leadership Council of Women United.

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