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Fifteen Projects Awarded at EarthCraft’s Annual Celebration of Excellence

Dayna Thompson

By Dayna Thompson, Southface
On Thursday, October 19, Southface welcomed attendees for EarthCraft’s annual Celebration of Excellence. The Celebration recognizes projects, teams, builders, contractors and organizations that have excelled in their commitment to the EarthCraft program. A leader in sustainable building practices, EarthCraft delivers high performance and improved comfort to families, tenants and business owners across the Southeast.
The EarthCraft Celebration of Excellence is also an opportunity to highlight program partners whose services continue to shape and improve the green building industry. Fifteen awards were presented, and the following projects excelled at incorporating high performance and resource efficiency into the built environment:
2017 EarthCraft Award Recipients:

Trinity Walk Apartments – A Decatur Housing Authority renovation project

Partner of the Year: City of Decatur and Decatur Housing Authority
As green building developments have become more commonplace, Decatur saw the economic potential and tangible benefits high performance construction practices would have on the community. An ordinance initially required all new residential and construction projects in Decatur to be certified under an industry-leading green building program. This past spring, the City updated the ordinance, and now all major renovations are also required to be certified. Partnering with Southface and the EarthCraft team, the City of Decatur and the Decatur Housing Authority have become a beacon for communities and local governments aiming to promote urban design and a healthy place for all families to live, work and play.

An EarthCraft home in Greenville County

Builder of the Year: Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County
Building nearly a dozen EarthCraft houses this year, it comes as no surprise that Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County is the 2017 Builder of the Year. Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County has built 39 EarthCraft homes over the past three years, providing individuals and families with a quality, high performance home. Their effort aligns with Southface and EarthCraft’s mission to create social equity through healthy built environments for all.
Developer of the Year: Columbia Residential and SUMMECH Community Development Corporation
The involvement and unwavering support from Columbia Residential and SUMMECH Community Development Corporation for the Mechanicsville Cityside Project has warranted them recognition as the 2017 Developer of the Year. Not only did the two organizations seek to effectively and intentionally revitalize one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods, they were also committed to bringing affordability and healthy homes to members of the community. Because of their work, more than 70 families will have an EarthCraft certified home that helps reduce the financial burden of high energy bills through energy efficient features and construction practices.

Mechanicsville Cityside Neighborhood

Mechanicsville: Project of the Year
Mechanicsville Cityside is a vibrant community of 67 single-family homes. All 67 homes are EarthCraft certified, guaranteeing energy savings, resource conservation and healthy, livable spaces for residents. Mechanicsville has become a model for responsible development, equity, community empowerment and energy efficiency.
Over the past 18 years, EarthCraft has certified more than 45,000 homes in eight states throughout the Southeast thanks to the continued involvement and investment of community members and program sponsors. Projects are certified through our Atlanta office and by our partner organization Viridiant, which administers the EarthCraft program in Virginia, Maryland and the D.C. area.
To see the complete list of exceptional projects that have achieved high performance and sustainable design, click here.  
Special thanks to everyone who attended the celebration. Southface is humbled by your enthusiasm for exceptional building performance, and we hope you continue to positively impact the built environment.  


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