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Finding volunteer opportunities just got easier!

Just last year, volunteers with United Way of Greater Atlanta dedicated more than 50,000 hours of their time to give back to the Greater Atlanta community. That’s more than 2,000 days of mentoring, reading to a child, packing summer lunches and sprucing up playgrounds. That’s pretty impressive. If you’re not already volunteering, you should join the pack.

Why? Volunteering’s a great way to give back and meet your peers. And by getting involved, you’re helping some of the most important issues facing our community today. So, how can you get involved and volunteer? I’ll make it easy for you.

  • Take out your smartphone (only smartphones that run iOS). If you’re already on it, you’re ahead of the game.
  • Visit our VolunHere™ page.
  • Click the download button. You’ll be directed to the Apple store. Then, hit GET.

You just downloaded VolunHere™. If you haven’t already gathered it from the app store, VolunHere™ is a mobile app putting volunteer opportunities in the palm of your hand. Discover hundreds of volunteer opportunities that match your schedule, your talents and what matters to you. Search food pantry volunteer opportunities, meal delivery, donation drives and more. Opportunities are available across Greater Atlanta’s 13 county region. You can even track your participation in a single-view dashboard so you can make sure you’re on the road to fulfilling your philanthropic goals!

Download VolunHere™ today.  Getting every child in our community on the path to reach their greatest potential requires that we all work together.

Tara Moyet is the Senior Director of Brand and Consumer Marketing at United Way of Greater Atlanta.

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