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Georgia ACT’s 2023 Annual Housing Day at the Capitol: A Huge Success!

Georgia ACT’s 2023 Annual Housing Day at the Capitol was a huge success! Over 300 people (including students from Lambert High School) attended in person and virtually on February 22, 2023, to advocate for the present and future of affordable housing issues and solutions around the State. 

Attendees were from Metro Atlanta and rural Georgia. Participants represented a variety of sectors including non-profits, social workers, local neighborhoods and tenant associations, local government, and private industry, etc. Also, there was great diversity among the participants, which showed everyone’s enthusiasm for the issue of affordable housing. It was exciting that the participants included dozens of teenagers from Lambert High School, which represents the next generation of affordable housing advocates. Students had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with Senators and Representatives to learn about their work and the affordable housing issues facing Georgia. 

Participants discussed the Safe House Act, Georgia Housing Vouchers, Homelessness, the Governor’s Budget and other housing issues with the Georgia General Assembly and other elected officials, including the Mayor of Atlanta – Andre Dickens, Governor Brian Kemp, Representative Sam Park, Senator Gail Davenport, Representative Kasey Carpenter, Representative Marvin Lim, and Representative Terry Cummings. Additionally, participants met with their state Senate and House members to advocate for affordable housing issues and/or viewed live Senate or House proceedings in the gallery.

The overwhelming turnout showed us that the passion we share is both genuine and ACTionable! For those that may have missed this fantastic day of advocacy training, Georgia ACT will post the recording of our 2023 Housing Day at the Capitol to our website at www.georgiaact.org. 

A very special “thank you” to our sponsors, Center for Community Progress, Enterprise Community Partners, and Southern First Bank, and to Mayor Dickens, Governor Kemp, and all of the legislators who spoke to attendees! See you next year!

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