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Georgians Have One More Vote to Take

By Tamieka Atkins, Executive Director, ProGeorgia

On December 4, Georgians will once again be asked to turn out to vote in an important election – the runoff for Georgia Secretary of State. This election will have a lasting impact on how Georgia runs its elections and how we count every vote in the future.

The 2018 Election Season thrust Georgia into the national spotlight. What Americans saw was Georgians from all corners turning out in record numbers for this historic election especially among black women and other women of color, from younger voters and others that make up the new American majority across Georgia.  Voter registration numbers were eye-popping with more than 144,000 women of color registered between January 1 and October 9 – more than double the number registered in 2014.

Those numbers drove historic turnout in an election not without its challenges. This special election for Secretary of State will determine how free, how fair, and how secure our elections will be in the future. We know that democracy works best when all citizens can vote without barriers. We have one more election to go. It is time we had a Secretary of State in place who is committed to protecting Georgians right to vote, not hindering it.


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