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Ebola: A Word That Strikes Fear

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Steve Stirling, President and CEO of MAP International

Ebola.  Until recent months this was a virus that most Americans were unfamiliar with, or referenced with E Coli.  Now, the word Ebola breeds fear and loss as we look at over 800 lives lost and more to come in West Africa.

The Ebola virus has not been contained and is spreading rapidly throughout West Africa.

In March, just days after the WHO declared Ebola as an outbreak, MAP International began its response by providing infectious disease protective suites or Ebola Suits in order to prevent the loss of those trying to save lives.

With staff on the ground from MAP’s office in Liberia, MAP is closely coordinating efforts with the national health authorities and other international responders through regular participation in Health Action in Crises (HAC) meetings.   The MAP International West Africa Regional Office and MAP Global Essential Medicines and Supplies (GEMS) Program are working with MAP Liberia to coordinate all phases of the response.  MAP also works with multiple partners including The American Leprosy Mission and Partners International to provide critical medicines and Ebola relief supplies to West Africa, these partnerships are essential in containing this outbreak.

Now, 5 months into this horrific outbreak, MAP has provided over 17,200 Personal Protective Kits (PPE’s) and over $5 million in emergency response supplies to clinics and hospitals fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Steve with Haiti Shipment Love a ChildYou might look at 17,200 suits and think that’s excessive, but the reality is that in the high heat environment in West Africa each suit is only viable for a short amount of time.  Healthcare workers go through multiple suits a day to avoid contracting the deadly Ebola virus.

To fight Ebola we must contain it, there is an end in sight.

If you would like to help contain this outbreak in West Africa you can donate to MAP International’s Relief Fund now at www.map.org/ebola.

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