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Helping to End Childhood Homelessness in Greater Atlanta

The facts surrounding homelessness among school children in Greater Atlanta are cause for alarm. In the Austell and Clarkston area schools alone, more than 30 percent of the kids are homeless, and therefore at risk of falling behind in school. Today, in Greater Atlanta, the average age of a homeless person is nine years old.

These are statistics that we’re working to change here at United Way of Greater Atlanta through the Kids Home Initiative, a comprehensive solution to help children avoid or escape homelessness by helping those at risk regain secure and successful futures and stay in school.

In working with our LINC members, we discovered that childhood homelessness was an issue that Millennials here in Greater Atlanta cared deeply about. The Kids Home Initiative, with its 95 plus percent success rate at getting families housed and back on track, was the perfect fit as a cause the entire community could get behind.

The Kids Home Initiative is a comprehensive solution between the United Way, the Siemer Family Foundation, the school system, homeless service providers and other non-profit organizations. It helps kids daily by bringing together more than 15 collaborative partners in the areas of health, education, income, housing services and basic needs. Families stay in the program for 12 months, transitioning step-by-step through four phases: The Community Helps the Family; The Family Helps Themselves; The Family Helps the Community; and the Family Graduates. By raising $10,000, we can help the Kids Home Initiative achieve one the following:

• Sponsor 1st month rent and move-in costs for five families
• Send 25 students through an educational leadership academy
• Provide health care for 10 families
• Provide income services for 15 parents

So how can you help? Give 5 Change Lives (www.give5changelives.com), driven by our active under-30 giving community called LINC (Lead. Impact. Network. Change).

StephanieStephanie Tate Pilger is the Director of United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Young Professional Leaders (YPL) and LINC


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