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How Downtown Woodstock Transformed into a More Lively, Walkable Place

By Marquita Bundrage and Kate Sweeney

When Economic Development director Brian Stockton moved to the city of Woodstock in 2007, there were only three or four restaurants within walking distance of City Hall. Now there are 22.

Between the late 1990s and early 2000s, the south Cherokee County city witnessed a rapid growth spurt. This inspired Woodstock to start redeveloping its downtown district into a walkable, livable space that today serves as a beating heart of the community, complete with a variety of eating spots, entertainment options, walking trails, and an array of housing styles.

Woodstock’s transformation was kickstarted in 2002, when the city received a Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) planning grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Read on for What’s Next ATL’s conversation with Stockton about Woodstock’s impressive redevelopment.


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