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In PR, we are always looking for the next big thing. After the past few weeks, I’m convinced you are looking at it.

Public Relations professionals are ever diligent about placing their clients in forums that best present their offering to a potential customer audience. We especially appreciate a platform that allows us to control our clients’ message. And we are always vigilant about ensuring our clients are aware of new communication platforms that are emerging – it seems – each day.

While social media gets a lot of the attention these days, the best PR work is usually seen in a longer form such as blogs, essays, white papers, columns and op-eds. Add to that list this relatively new medium you are now reading.

I’m referring to Thought Leadership, these sponsored content columns presented on the right side of SaportaReport’s Weekly Update and on each page of its website. It’s a relatively new concept that positions brands and clients alongside entries from respected journalists, providing an opportunity to attract an ever increasing audience.

SaportaReport introduced this new concept in January 2012 and so far, it’s proving to be a very successful new platform for several participants – including our own PR firm. I know firsthand that two of the Thought Leadership sponsors are experiencing spectacular growth this year and, while their success might be attributed to several smart marketing investments, I believe the consistent presentation of their views in these columns is adding a great deal of impact and value.

Last week, I received a call from a prospective client who had been considering hiring a PR firm for years, but had never made the move. When he opened up the SaportaReport Weekly Update and read the journalism columns, his eyes wandered over to our PR column. He clicked through, read through several past weekly entries, picked up his phone and called me to invite me in to talk later that same afternoon. We had a very productive meeting and he’s now considering a proposal to engage us on an annual basis. All because of our Thought Leadership column.

It’s not the first time this has happened. Another prospect called a few weeks ago and said his firm had been considering engaging a PR firm so when he asked his team for recommendations on whom to call, his colleague had just received his Weekly Update, saw our firm’s name and recommended it.

If you are a PR firm and seek to ensure your clients are taking advantage of new opportunities, I strongly recommend you to present this new emerging platform. Not only do your clients get to share an audience of 14,000+ recipients of the Weekly Update and 50,000 unique visitors to the SaportaReport website – they can “own” a topic exclusively.

This exclusivity is especially attractive to our clients who mine for consumers each day in competitive industries and find that writing a weekly column in Thought Leadership offers them an unfettered opportunity to present their offering directly to potential clients.

As SaportaReport grows in stature and influence, your clients’ opportunities will as well. So take the lead and explore this new medium for your clients. Secure their topic before a competitor does. I believe you’ll agree, it’s the next big thing.

For more information about Thought Leadership opportunities for your client, contact Cara Hebert, [email protected] or Jeff Cochran, [email protected] Or contact me at [email protected]


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