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InForum: Changing How We Work

As a non-profit executive in Greater Atlanta, it’s part of my job to keep asking how we can work better, how we can borrow expertise from those successfully changing communities and how we can share our successes and lessons with our partners. Getting the right people in the right rooms to have these critical conversations can be difficult. Picking the right topics can be difficult. Finding the right experts can be difficult. But just like every other time we’ve needed to address a difficult local issue, United Way of Greater Atlanta has looked for a solution.

That’s why they created InForum. Through InForum, we’re convening our nonprofit, philanthropic and public partners to learn together as we seek to improve our region. And best yet, we’re coming together under a common purpose.

We gather together at each InForum with some important facts top of mind: of the nearly 1.3 million children living in our 13-county region, close to half a million live in communities with low or very low child well-being. We’re looking to change that by improving the lives of more than 250,000 children across Greater Atlanta by 2027. This isn’t just United Way. This is all of us, non-profit leaders and community champions alike, coming together to change our community.

It’s only through partnerships and a unified community that we’re going to move the needle for our children through the Child Well-Being Movement. That’s why InForum is so important. Each event pairs a national expert with a local influencer, creating a dialogue that blends best practices from across the country with local insight and experience. We all leave better equipped to keep fighting the good fight.

In March, our InForum focused on Power & Trust at the Intersection of Race, Place, and Poverty and featured Professor Tiziana C. Dearing, co-director of the Center for Social Innovation at Boston College, and Rohit Malhotra, executive director, Center for Civic Innovation. You can watch the full event here:


If you’re interested in attending the next InForum click here. We’ll hear from Paul Schmitz, CEO of Leading Inside Out and Senior Advisor to the Collective Impact Forum, and Kathryn Lawler, Executive Director of Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARCHI), on The Culture of Collective Impact. And if you can’t make it, you can watch it live on our Facebook page.

Rick Aranson is the CEO of Jewish Family and Career Services of Atlanta (“JF&CS”) and is the Grantee Liaison on the Board of United Way of Greater Atlanta.

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  1. lindakirk2017 April 5, 2018 9:06 am

    We see children who are falling through the cracks. Those children who are silent about their needs. We as a small grassroots non-profit do our best to serve this population, unfortunately, the funding only wants large numbers. How do we impress that beginning with one you change a generation?Report


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