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IoT.ATL maps out Atlanta’s smart city future

Photo: IoT.ATL will work to define Atlanta as a globally recognized leader in Internet of Things innovation
By Patrick Adcock
IoT.ATL is a new IoT task force established by the Metro Atlanta Chamber and Accenture seeking to drive collaboration, engagement and excitement among the region’s Internet of Things community. The group will change Atlanta’s trajectory by helping the metro area become a globally recognized leader in IoT innovation. Comprised of leaders across business, education, government and nonprofit sectors, IoT.ATL recently established itself in a first joint meeting with MAC’s IoT and Technology Leadership Council.
IoT.ATL is the natural progression from the great strides in making Atlanta a Global Mobile Hub begun by MAC’s Mobility Leadership Council. As the mobility world transitions into IoT, the Mobility Leadership Council will transition to the IoT Leadership Council and will work to shine a light on Atlanta’s IoT innovation. McKinsey estimates the total IoT market to be $3.7 billion by 2020, and metro Atlanta is well-positioned to make a huge impact in this space. IoT.ATL will help ensure that success.
The task force is guided by an executive committee responsible for steering strategy for the group and comprised of the city’s most influential C-level executives, city and state officials, key community and civic leaders, and heads of education. IoT.ATL is chaired by Mike Zeto, executive director of AT&T Smart Cities. Co-chairs include GE CIO Jim Fowler, The Weather Company CEO Cameron Clayton and Accenture Mobility Senior Managing Director Jim Bailey.
The new council operates under four guiding principles carried out by individual work groups within MAC’s IoT Leadership Council: Promote, Grow and Advocate, Skilled Workforce, and Advocate. The Promote group seeks to tell the story of metro Atlanta’s IoT innovation on an international scale. Grow and Innovate will create partnerships and foster collaboration to encourage innovation, and the Skilled Workforce group will build and strengthen the IoT talent pool in the region. Finally, the Advocate group will set the foundation to service our community through our developing IoT innovation.
Atlanta is uniquely positioned as an IoT hub, and IoT.ATL will focus on two key areas where Atlanta can make a significant and substantial global impact on IoT innovation: intelligent transportation/logistics and smart cities. Our metro region is one of the few cities with a plethora of IoT-enabling technologies. Atlanta is LoRA-equipped, one of 11 U.S. cities for the 5G pilot, one of 10 cities to have SigFox,  and one of the leaders to implement Ingenu.
Our city also has the company and talent base to take full advantage of Internet of Things technologies. Three of the top five IoT companies are in Atlanta – GE, Cisco and AT&T. Atlanta is the #1 mobile-friendly city in the U.S., and our universities produce the bright new minds who will become future engineers and developers in the industry.
Atlanta is poised to be the leader in IoT tech, and IoT.ATL will convene the area’s top minds creating new innovations in our region.
For more information on IoT.ATL, contact Cynthia Curry.


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