From Atlanta he sold to the world

As sure as there is breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is snacking.  Satisfying those between-meal cravings is a need we all have. While some people are able to eat healthy snacks, many of us cannot resist the lure of less healthy foods.   Snacking certainly is not a new innovation.  It goes back, in some […]

Atlanta United are our champions

I remember being up late in my cousin Chris’s open area ranch home living room off Columbia Drive in October of 1996 watching the Atlanta Braves lose the World Series to the New York Yankees despite having a commanding 2-0 lead.
My younger brother, my cousin and I were in utter disbelief at what we had just witnessed.

Atlanta hosts a special visitor

When the 1895 Cotton States Exposition opened in Atlanta over 120 years ago, it represented the culmination of years of planning and fund raising on the part of the exposition’s organizers. It was a big time undertaking costing over $2 million dollars, which, by today’s currency standards, equates to around $57 million dollars. The exposition […]


Fencing by Kelly Jordan

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atlanta cyber attack, indictment

Feds indict two hackers in Iran for cyber attacks on Atlanta, entities in U.S., Canada

The cyber attack that crippled the City of Atlanta starting in March was part of a assault on more than 200 public entities in the United States and Canada conducted by two men based in Iran who demanded payment in Bitcoins in exchange for keys to unlock ransomware they had installed in victims’ computer systems, according to a federal indictment released Wednesday in New Jersey.


Mercedes with a sunroof by Kelly Jordan

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Seek and ye shall find

The flood of movie stars visiting Atlanta in recent years not withstanding, Atlanta has had a long history of entertaining visiting luminaries, dignitaries, politicians and a host of other individuals that Atlantans generally wanted to be seen with. The late 1800s was a banner year for visitors to the Gate City, not the least of […]


Candler Park commercial by Kelly Jordan

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Hey Bungalow Thrill – Page Avenue by Kelly Jordan

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