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Johnson & Johnson demonstrates its credo through leadership in ‘Access to Medicines’ index

Steve Stirling

Steve Stirling

By: Steve Stirling, President & CEO

You probably know Johnson & Johnson from the first aid kit in your home or one of the many products in your medicine cabinet. But you may not know that the company is also one of the most generous donors of medicines and medical supplies to people in need.

This year, the company was ranked #2 on the Access to Medicines index, a list of the largest pharmaceutical companies ranked by how they make medicines affordable, accessible, available, and acceptable to those living in low and middle income countries.

Each year, Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies partners with MAP International to provide a wide range of products from bandages to sutures for doctors working in resource-poor countries. These life-saving medicines and health products are highly valued by doctors who often praise the Johnson & Johnson products they use on medical missions.

As a long-time partner of MAP International, Johnson & Johnson has helped save the lives of countless people around the world. We couldn’t ask for a better partner and we congratulate them on being recognized for their contributions to world health.

Learn more about MAP International here: https://www.map.org/

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