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The Junior League of Atlanta – Service in Action

Joy Dyess, VP of Community, at one of the JLA collection drives

Joy Dyess, VP of Community, at one of the JLA collection drives

By Joy Dyess, JLA VP of Community

The Junior League of Atlanta is committed to serving our neighbors in need! As we enter our second century of service to the Atlanta community, the JLA continues our focus on serving women and children in need through impactful, meaningful and transformative service. In addition to community service, our members also help support our partner agencies through collection drives. These drives are focused on specific needs of our partner agencies and items collected are often life-changing!

joy 3One of our most recent drives focused on a product needed by the majority of women and teenage girls every single month…and one that is not covered under federal assistance programs such as SNAP – feminine hygiene products. For many women and teenage girls living in or at the poverty line, essential items such as tampons, pads and pantyliners are a considered a luxury each month – many times a luxury they are forced to do without. Lack of menstruation sanitation options can result in days of missed work and school! Together, JLA members collected over 8500 feminine hygiene products to donate to Mercy Care, a partner organization focused on providing exceptional medical care regardless of insurance or income status. For women and girls who have missed school, been forced to dangerously use the same product for days in row or even use newspaper as makeshift feminine hygiene products, these donations are truly making a difference in their life.

joy 2In addition to a feminine hygiene product drive, our members heard the needs of hungry children in our community. Did you know that in Georgia alone, 28.2% of children (that’s 1 in 4 children!) live in food insecure households? For the nearly 1.1 million Georgia children who rely on free or reduced lunch for potentially their only meal of the day, lack of access to school lunch during the summer break can result in ongoing hunger which impacts a child’s ability to grow, learn, play as well as negatively impact their social skills and self-esteem.  Our members collected over 350 snack items to donate to one of Whitefoord, inc., a partner organization which connects Southeast Atlanta children and families in need with quality healthcare and education services. These snack items will empower a child to focus on playing, learning and growing – not wondering when they will eat again.

joy 4The Junior League of Atlanta has spent its first 100 years engaging, serving and advocating for our Atlanta community. We are honor our legacy of leadership and look forward to serving for another 100 years and beyond!

By Joy Dyess, VP of Community Junior League of Atlanta

Joy Dyess works as the MBA Production Manager for BankSouth Mortgage where she oversees the MBA associates, assists the production SVPS and facilities builder and alliance relationship management.  As a member of the Junior League of Atlanta since 2009, she has served on the Community council as the Community Outreach director and the Communities Agencies Director.

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