The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) will modify bus routes 19 (Clairmont Road), 123 (Church Street/North DeKalb Mall), and 823 (Belvedere) in DeKalb County beginning December 7, 2019. The modified routes are as follows:


Route 19 will be extended to serve East Lake Station. The modification assumes the Decatur Station to East Lake Station segment currently operated by Route 123 (Church Street/North DeKalb Mall). Route 19 will be renamed Clairmont Road/W. Howard Avenue.


Route 123 will be modified to provide service from Decatur Station to North DeKalb Mall via Emory Decatur Hospital (formerly DeKalb Medical Hospital) to and from Decatur Station. Service along the Decatur Station to East Lake Station segment will continue to be provided with service modifications to Route 19 (Clairmont Road).

Route 823: BELVEDERE:

Route 823 will be modified to provide service along Candler Road and Memorial Drive between Hosea L Williams Drive and Line Street to its current terminus on Belvedere Lane. Service along Candler Road and S. Candler Street will continue to be provided by Route 15 (Candler Road). Service and stops along Midway Road and Carter Road will be discontinued due to low ridership.

Additionally, scheduling adjustments to routes 12, 14, 19, 37, 51, 84, 86, 117, 123, 172, 181, 194, 823, 856 and 867 will go into effect on December 7, 2019. These route adjustments will improve safety, operating efficiency, and schedule reliability.

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