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The Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) held a pep rally on Friday Oct. 26 to mark 100 days until the start of Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta!

Former Atlanta Falcon Michael Haynes, the Falcons cheerleaders, and mascot Freddie Falcon joined MARTA employees at headquarters to have lunch, play games, and get excited about MARTA’s role in providing world class service during the world’s largest sporting event.

MARTA General Manager & CEO Jeffrey Parker spoke about the elite level of service expected during the ten days of activities surrounding and including the game.

“We have three groups of riders we must consider during the ten days of events,” said Parker. “MARTA has its regular riders who depend on us, we have employees, event staff, and volunteers who will need transportation during all hours of the day and night, and we have the estimated million people who will be in town to enjoy the festivities. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, and convenient service to all of our valued riders.”

MARTA Police Chief Wanda Y. Dunham led the staff in chants and drove home the importance of providing a safe, secure ride for everyone participating in the festivities.

“We encourage all our employees to be proactive and report any suspicious activity to a MARTA police officer or other uniformed law enforcement agent,” said Chief Dunham. “Staff and riders should also download MARTA’s See & Say app to report issues.”

Mr. Parker and Chief Dunham spoke about MARTA’s partnership with Georgia Cares and its campaign to stop human trafficking. The Authority is preparing its employees to recognize and report suspected instances of human trafficking, as well as working to raise awareness of this crime among the travelling public.

Members of Georgia Cares, the statewide coordinating agency to connect services and treatment for victims of human trafficking, were at the rally sharing information and answering questions.

Part of the More MARTA Atlanta Outreach team was also part of the event, available to answer questions about the historic transit expansion program recently voted on by the MARTA Board of Directors.

Rainy weather drove the pep rally indoors but it didn’t dampen the mood. Close to a dozen food trucks served up lunch, music filled the headquarters atrium and games such as Cornhole were set up. Freddie Falcon and several members of the Falcons cheerleading team signed autographs and posed for pictures.

Pep rallies will be held at other MARTA facilities in the coming weeks.


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  1. Arthur W. Graves November 6, 2018 2:56 pm

    I think the Georgia National Guard should replace the “TOTAL” MARTA Police force . Do to the fact that MARTA is in so many lawsuits against them.. For the crimes and rape tooReport


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