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Metro Atlanta’s Top Issues in 2019—According to its Leaders

What’s Next ATL is a podcast powered by the Atlanta Regional Commission that explores solutions to the top challenges facing metro Atlanta. Host Kate Sweeney rang in the New Year with a bonus episode that asked leaders from around the region to tell us what they see as the biggest issues facing the Atlanta region for 2019. From affordable housing, to transportation, to jobs and more, in this 13 minutes, you’ll hear an earful. Check out more episodes from season one here.

Listen now: What’s Next ATL Podcast: Looking Ahead to 2019—Bonus Episode


The Guests

Christopher Tomlinson, executive director, SRTA and GRTA; executive director, the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL)

Anthony Rodriguez, co-founder and producing artistic director, Aurora Theatre

June Wood, Chair, Henry County Commission

David Dreyer, Georgia State Representative, District 59

Jordyne Krumroy, regional manager, Welcoming America

Listen to more episodes here: What’s Next ATL Podcast



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