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National Volunteer Week

By Charles Redding, MedShare CEO & President

As an organization that depends on volunteers, National Volunteer Week is a special celebration for MedShare. Our work is made possible by generous individuals who give their time and talents to our mission. As we celebrate 20 years of impacting global health, we are proud to boast a volunteer corps of more than 22,000 humanitarians!

MedShare has donated more than $200 million in medical aid to communities in 100 countries – and our volunteers made every single donation possible. We have supported nearly 20 million patients and equipped over 700,000 healthcare professionals with lifesaving tools – and our volunteers impacted each and every one of those lives. In just a three hour session, our volunteers support countless people and help improve the quality of healthcare around the world, and for that, we thank them!



Find out ways to get involved with your favorite nonprofit organization! Get involved with MedShare at www.medshare.org/#get-involved


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