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#navigatingforward: Civil rights to silver rights

In a historic conversation, entitled “Civil Rights to Silver Rights” two of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s closest aides, Ambassador Andrew Young and Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. will join John Hope Bryant, founder, chairman, and CEO of Operation HOPE, to share their reflections and most importantly, a vision towards completing Dr. King’s unfinished work for economic freedom and self-sufficiency—his vision for the future, including the need for better jobs, access to affordable housing and quality education outlined in his final book, “Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?”



The HOPE Global Forums | Annual Meeting gathers some of the most extraordinary people in the world—global thought leaders and influencers around financial inclusion and empowering the poor who believe in the power of ideas to effect change. An initiative of for-purpose organization Operation HOPE, the HOPE Global Forums are a community of events that serve as a call to action to reimagine the global economy so the benefits and opportunities of free enterprise can be extended to everyone. The initiative is curated through a series of conferences, events, and policy programs designed to foster leadership around this critical issue.

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