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New Year’s Goals Should Be Long-Term And Sustainable

The holidays have passed and our focus is now on the year ahead. At this time, many people begin hitting the gym more, eating healthier, or making other lifestyle changes — a result of New Year’s resolutions.

Studies show that on average, nearly 80 percent of those who set a New Year’s resolution fail. A recent article in MarketWatch recognizes this failure and proposed something different that would achieve better results. The article proposed setting goals instead of resolutions.

J.D. Crowe, Senior Vice President of Southeast Mortgage

“Most New Year’s resolutions fail because the minute someone takes a single misstep on the path toward their goal, their resolve is shot,” writer Chuck Jaffe states.

Making a resolution leaves the door open to disappointment when inevitable mishaps occur. Setting goals gives you something to work toward with room for mistakes. When you set a goal, you set a reasonable timeline to achieve that goal and what happens in the middle is merely the path to success.

Setting goals isn’t just beneficial to individuals; it is a mandatory aspect of successful business operations. In 2013, setting goals will be especially important as all industries, including the housing industry, continue the path to recovery from the recession.

Economists have projected that the housing industry’s momentum at the end of 2012 will carry into 2013. With improvement in the market on the horizon, the business goals — as well as the individual goals — set by those in the housing industry for 2013 have an incredible opportunity for success.

Although we cannot ever control the cycle the housing market takes, we can control what we contribute to the market. At Southeast Mortgage, one of our first priorities is always customer service. Setting this as a priority and incorporating customer service into our goals for the year ensures we maintain that focus.

Whether you are making new business goals or personal goals for 2013, the MarketWatch article offers this final advice:

“Focus on your ‘best outcome’: Moving forward isn’t enough, you need to be moving in the direction of the outcomes you truly want.”

Just as we have seen in the housing industry, we must strive to move forward in a direction aligned with the outcomes we want. Making targeted goals (like those geared toward our clients) ensures we move in a direction that sustains success rather than temporary success (goals geared solely on a quick buck).

Good luck with whatever goals you set, whether personal or business, and Happy New Year!

– J.D. Crowe, Senior Vice President of Southeast Mortgage


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