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Partnering to Save Lives

By Jodi Allison

At MAP International, we concentrate much of our efforts on medicines that benefit those without access to the most needed life-saving drugs, such as antibiotics and oral rehydration salts. But for those living in resource-poor countries who suffer from more rare diseases, we also work directly with pharmaceutical partners to meet specific needs. One example of this is the Jimenez family.

Jodi Allison, Vice President Global Giving, MAP International

Jodi Allison, Vice President Global Giving, MAP International

Julio, Milvia, his wife, and their daughters, Paola and Maria, live in Guatemala City. “My wife and I knew that there was something wrong with our daughters from an early age, around four or five years old. They were really weak, falling down easily and they seemed to lose their ability to do physical activities as they grew up.”

Julio and his wife struggled to pay for the medical costs to properly diagnose their daughters. After countless visits to doctors in Guatemala, Julio and his family flew to the United States where they were finally able to properly diagnose the condition as Congenital Myasthenia Gravis (CMG), an inherited neuromuscular disorder.

“Since childhood, life revolved around medical care and other kinds of therapies that could help them. My wife could never work, because my daughters need a lot of help on their everyday activities.” Life has been difficult for the family because Guatemala does not have proper access and infrastructure for people living with disabilities.

Julio and his wife never stopped fighting for their daughters. For the last several years MAP International, in partnership with one of our pharmaceutical companies, has provided medicines for Paola and Maria. “The medicines provided by MAP have really changed our lives. Since we got the diagnosis and they started taking the medicine, they felt a lot better. Their condition stabilized. “Thank you for everything. Our gratitude will never be enough, but our hearts are grateful and you and your organization are always in our prayers.”

Helping people like Julio and his family are one of the reasons why I love coming to work every day. MAP international helps 10 Million people every year; I am fortunate enough to personally work with many recipients who make a huge impact on my life as much as MAP’s donated medicines makes an impact on their lives.

Jodi Allison, Vice President Global Giving

Jodi Allison joined MAP International over seventeen years ago. She has always worked on the Corporate Relations side at MAP, being promoted to Director of Corporate Relations in 2010 and Vice President of Global Giving in 2014. In this role, she serves MAP’s mission of providing essential medicines and medical supplies to the world’s neediest communities. She is responsible for leadership and management of the Global Giving team, securing donated medicines and medical supplies and cash gifts and developing strategic operating plans to achieve and resource global commitments.

Jodi attended Georgia Institute of Technology and Middle Tennessee State University to receive her International Affairs degree with minors in Public Relations and History. When she is not trying to save the world, you will find Jodi with her husband and two boys at the beach where she lives in Tampa, Florida.

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