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‘Ragin’ Cajun’ riffs on voting rights and Corporate Georgia

The Ragin’ Cajun is back.

We last checked in with national political strategist James Carville in January when he did a post-mortem of the 2020 presidential election and January’s twin senate runoff races which hoisted Georgia into the national political spotlight.

In typical Carvillian fashion, the Georgia-born, Louisiana-raised lawyer gave his assessment of Georgia Republicans’ attempts to overhaul the state’s electoral system to weed out fraud and make the process more secure. Voting rights advocates say it’s nothing more than voter suppression and punishment for a record turnout of people of color. Carville, a Democrat, also talked about the political maelstrom corporate Georgia is facing over the controversial voting bills and what it needs to do. It isn’t the first time Carville has urged Georgia businesses to weigh in on voting matters. Last July, he issued a challenge to the state’s corporate heavyweights to ensure Georgia held fair and accurate elections in November.

Carville spent nearly an hour talking with Maria Saporta and Tammy Joyner in a funny, acerbic, sometimes salty conversation.

Read a lightly edited transcript of what he had to say on Atlanta Civic Circle.

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