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“Start Here” to make an impact on your community

Philanthropy has always been considered one of the highest forms of service to humanity. And it’s always evolving. Companies and individuals, no longer just want to write a check.  They want to become entrenched in community work and witness the solutions first hand. When donors give, they want to see community impact.

Did you know that nearly half a million children in the Greater Atlanta region live in communities with low child well-being? In Atlanta Public Schools alone, there are approximately 9,000 3rd and 4th graders who cannot read on grade level. And during the summer, more than 350,000 children are at risk of going without one or more meals each day.

That’s why United Way of Greater Atlanta is focusing on ensuring every child has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Communities that can say, “All the children are well” have babies born healthy, kids who read proficiently by 3rd grade and teens who graduate from high school ready for college and careers. These are kids that grow up in communities where people are educated, employed, and housed.

As a Development Officer for United Way of Greater Atlanta, I enjoy delivering key messages to potential donors to show the impact they can make on their community. The opportunity to stand before corporate partners, agencies and individuals to share the organization’s mission with an invitation for each individual to participate is one that I don’t take lightly. For instance, one of our current initiatives, Silence the Growl, is intended to provide more than 60,000 meals for kids during the summer who otherwise may not eat. In addition to monetary gifts, donors have the opportunity to both create and distribute meals. We create awareness that motivates the community to take action.

The power of our community is beyond imaginable. United Way of Greater Atlanta – and those we serve – come together not only to identify the needs, but also to make an impact. Throughout the year, we address large-scale issues and the community never hesitates to offer a hand to ensure all our children are doing well. This impacts everyone’s bottom line by reducing poverty, opening opportunities without boundaries, and delivering positive, sustainable change every step of the way.  By doing so, we unknowingly cultivate a culture of genuine compassion for mankind.

I encourage you to see how children are doing in your community by entering your zip code here. And if you’re interested in getting involved to make an impact email info@unitedwayatlanta.org. Together, we can ensure that “All the children are well” across Greater Atlanta.

Allison Todd is a Development Officer at United Way of Greater Atlanta.

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