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Reflections of a climate change candidate

By Guest Columnist MANDY MAHONEY. U.S. program director of the Regulatory Assistance Project

The South has long been defined by its heat and humidity, so much so that bragging about the heat has even become something of a punch line in certain circles. … As the global climate warms, extreme heat is growing more common in the South, and that is putting low-income people and communities of color at the highest risk of heat-related illness and even death.

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Understanding the housing affordability problem

By Guest Columnist MIKE DOBBINS, Georgia Tech professor of practice and former Atlanta planning commissioner

Over the last couple of years, housing costs have shot up in Atlanta. Already rising before, it is now difficult for households earning below median incomes to find decent housing in a stable neighborhood. Rentals are outpacing homeowners in the market, spawning more build-to-rent activity.

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Alycen Whiddon – Atlanta’s unsung visionary city planner

By Guest Columnists JIM KULSTAD, LORI LELAND-KIRK AND CAROLYN H. RADER, environmental advocate, urban planners and friends of Alycen Whiddon

Unsung visionary, landscape architect and urban planner, Alycen Whiddon left a permanent legacy in the urban design of Atlanta that we all enjoy today. Long before linking greenway trails, creating pedestrian and bike-friendly streets and zoning for vibrant urban spaces were commonly accepted concepts, Alycen was their champion.