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Environmental impact of future inland port cited as state plans review of freight network

The environmental review is underway for a planned inland port to be built northeast of Gainesville. Presuming it opens, the facility that’s billed as a way to ease traffic congestion in metro Atlanta is likely to be heralded as a success as the state House prepares to update Georgia’s decade-old rail improvement plans.

Atlanta police to use body cameras properly or face fines, penalties, chief says

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields says she knows officers aren’t using their department-issued body cameras properly. That’s why she called for a city audit of camera usage and is implementing what she called a “straight forward” set of policies about how cameras are to be used and videos to be stored – to be followed by stiff penalties for rule-breakers.

Posting CEO pay of non-profit hospitals part of proposed reform of health system

Five CEOs are paid a total of more than $9 million a year to run non-profit hospitals in metro Atlanta, according to the hospitals’ latest available tax returns. These salaries, and other hospital financials, are to be made more readily available to the public as the part of a proposed effort by the state House to “revolutionize” health care delivery.

Brookhaven’s new $40 million parks bond earns top credit rating; city already spending proceeds

Brookhaven hasn’t wasted a minute in ramping up projects with the $40 million bond for parks and facilities voters approved in November 2018. Just four days after Moody’s Investors Service awarded the bonds its highest rating, the Brookhaven City Council approved two contracts related to parks improvements.

Construction costs skyrocket, niches remain – such as Houston’s site near Lenox Mall

The site of a former Houston’s restaurant, across Lenox Road from the mall, is just the type of property that could accommodate a trophy asset the current and near-future economy could support. This comes at a time a new report from CBRE suggests some potential commercial developments may not make much economic sense because of skyrocketing construction costs in metro Atlanta.

Feds approve seismic testing off Georgia’s coast for gas, oil; environmentalists sue to halt

The federal government has authorized a company to harass animals in federal waters off Georgia’s coast in order to search for deposits of oil and gas. This testing is a first step to offshore drilling and the federal permit, plus four others, has been challenged in federal court by nine environmental groups.

ATL board sworn into office, begins process of establishing presence and purpose

The board of ATL, metro Atlanta’s new regional transit agency, was sworn into office at its first meeting Friday and voted for the typical measures necessary to set up shop. In addition, board members were cited by a ranking member of the state House as the appropriate ones to set the region’s transit trajectory.