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Hyperloops on Trump agenda as Gwinnett digests MARTA referendum results

As MARTA and its advocates in Gwinnett County look beyond the unofficial negative transit vote Tuesday, the Trump administration is looking forward to a transportation future replete with innovations including hyperloops and autonomous vehicles – albeit with no details about how to pay for it or the nation’s existing infrastructure needs.

Familiar feud: Healthcare lobby resists changing law that regulates competition

Doctors and health care executives can’t agree with lawyers, farmers and business owners over how to update a law that oversees the expansion of health care facilities in Georgia. This is a major part of the impasse that’s to be resolved if the General Assembly is to enact reform before the session ends in two weeks.

Lawmakers may reduce sand dune protections as hurricane threat unabated

State lawmakers may ease restrictions on the construction of decks and patios next to sand dunes, plus crosswalks over dunes, even as the lead author of NOAA’s Atlantic Ocean hurricane outlooks issued this month a preliminary warning that the upcoming hurricane season will be as dynamic as the one that pummeled Georgia in 2018.

Disease-causing bacteria in water off Georgia beaches now routine presence

Beachgoers were advised they may get sick if they enter the water along portion of three of Georgia’s coastal islands in February because of high levels of a waterborne bacteria associated with disease. The waters have been declared safe, but the warnings remind of the potential harm caused by runoff from manmade or other sources.