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Mayor took donation from Gulch developer as critics focus on Trump connection

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms accepted a $500 contribution during her run-off campaign last year from an employee of the company that plans to develop the Gulch. This contribution has been overshadowed by other aspects of the campaign to slow the mayor’s push for a Monday vote by the Atlanta City Council.

Georgia Aquarium’s financial support from Atlanta in 2009 led to soaring revenues

After Atlanta provided the Georgia Aquarium with $80 million in financing at favorable terms in 2009 to build a dolphin exhibit, the aquarium’s revenues soared by 23 percent, compared to the year before the exhibit opened. The return on the city’s latest financial support for the aquarium – up to $7.5 million – remains to be determined.

Alabama gardener, possibly akin to Celestine Sibley, to speak at Atlanta History Center

An Alabama gardener who created a place as storied as that of the late journalist and author Celestine Sibley’s Sweet Apple homestead is slated to speak Wednesday at the Atlanta History Center. Louise Wrinkle is to discuss her new book and her philosophy of treading lightly on the land near Birmingham.

Wildlife sanctuary tour by Atlanta Audubon on deck as Gov. Deal calls for more bird habitats

The Atlanta Audubon Society’s tour of wildlife sanctuaries in DeKalb County in September aims to highlight local efforts to provide places for birds to rest, eat and drink, and encourage others to create sanctuaries. The society’s campaign for more natural habitats coincides with Georgia’s efforts to draw attention to the loss of habitat for birds.

Atlanta council president proposes independent office to enforce accountability

Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore unveiled Wednesday her concept to enforce legal and accountable behavior by the city’s elected officials and top officials. It is one plank in a platform of reform proposals a council committee is to discuss at a meeting Sept. 6 to address violations including those announced Wednesday by the city’s independent city auditor and ethics officer.

Affordable homes along Atlanta BeltLine: A different perspective on the number built

The Atlanta BeltLine would be almost halfway to its goal of creating 5,600 affordable homes if it could count all the affordable homes that were subsidized by a government and built within a mile-wide corridor centered on the BeltLine, the BeltLine’s interim CEO told members of an Atlanta City Council committee Tuesday.

‘What’s in a name?’ Atlanta memorializes civil, human rights figures, plans to rename Confederate Avenue

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare observed. Atlanta responds with plans to remove and replace the name Confederate Avenue on a Downtown street, following the renaming of Freedom Parkway for civil rights leader John Lewis and naming a future park for human rights figure Kathryn Johnston.