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Remembering Woodstock

By Guest Columnist BILL VANDERKLOOT, a film director/producer who attended the event

The late Tip O’Neill once said, “all politics is local.” As a corollary, I believe that all history is personal. That is until it grows and grows and becomes a defining cultural event. Then it is owned by everyone and the memories morph into things almost unrecognizable.

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2018 an excellent year for Atlanta, Georgia to commit to building global peace legacy

By Guest Columnist JOHN NAUGLE, president and CEO of Atlanta: City of Peace Inc.

Millions worldwide are re-branding New Year’s Day as “Global Family Day: A day for peace and sharing.” Well? Let’s excel!

It’s exciting. Atlanta is the best-positioned city on Earth to propel the goals of this annual celebration, plus eventually receive an immense economic and societal windfall, throughout every day of each successive year, as a “thank you.” Our city’s greatest destiny is in becoming an international beacon of peace to our entire global family. Will you assist?