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The Latest on COVID’s Impact on Metro ATL

By Paul Donsky

It’s been six months since the health crisis hit metro Atlanta and phrases like “social distancing,” “Zoom calls,” and “work from home” became part of everyday conversation.

So much has happened, and the situation remains highly fluid. It can be hard to keep up.

Lucky for us, the data experts at the Atlanta Regional Commission are keeping close watch and providing regular updates, including a really handy weekly COVID Tracker. You can find gobs of data and analysis in a recent webinar, but here are some highlights:

State of the Virus

Good news: Total cases in metro Atlanta have fallen sharply in the past few weeks after reaching a peak in August.

In August, the region was recording more than 1,400 confirmed cases a day, a number that’s now dropped to around 500 per day. Last week, the region reported 82 COVID-19 deaths, down 24% from a week earlier.

But – yes, there’s a but – the case numbers appear to be leveling off at around the 500 mark. This is something to keep a close watch on in the coming weeks, especially as school systems in the area consider bringing kids back to the classroom.

Continue reading for a chart comparing cases in metro Atlanta to other parts of the state, how COVID is affecting our behavior, and more.


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