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The Power of Public Policy

By United Way of Greater Atlanta

Communities thrive when every child, individual and family has the ability to thrive, but this requires policymakers, state leaders and the effort of advocates and stakeholders on all fronts. A comprehensive approach to public policy calls for us to be proactive in the lives of Georgia’s youngest, while aiding in building empowered families and neighborhoods. 

In collaboration with Voices for Georgia’s Children, United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Public Policy Agenda advocates for good health, academic & career success and establishing stable homes so that Georgia youth have the opportunity to be their best selves. The work doesn’t just begin at home, but it starts at birth. Supporting and expanding programs for maternal health and early childhood education equips families to lay a strong foundation for their children’s future. Our policy prioritizes taking a holistic approach to K-12 education, acknowledging that mental health resources and individually centered instructional methods can aid in higher graduation rates and in students feeling more empowered to go after post-secondary education.

Through the Child Well-Being Index and its data-driven outcomes, we know that we expand their horizons when we expand access to resources and funding for the communities in which they live. When communities are confident and cared for, it allows the same support to be poured back into Georgia’s children. Incentivizing affordable and safe housing while also investing in public health and community-oriented policing, brings us even closer to closing the gap and meeting more needs, before anyone has the opportunity to fall through.

Together with Voices for Georgia’s Children, we know that positive and powerful policy is possible. Our outcome depends on a statewide effort to rally behind something bigger than policy—It’s the potential and future of Georgia.

Click here to learn more about Voices for Georgia’s Children & United Way of Greater Atlanta’s 2023 Public Policy Agenda.


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