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The Third’s a Charm…


Lyle Harris, MARTA chief spokesperson

MARTA “Challenger” Lamar Dixon’s personal account about his transition from a “transit-dependent” customer to a “choice” rider, garnered a total of 58 votes and earned him a place in the winner’s circle during Month Three of our online contest.

Dixon’s well-written entry on July 15th chronicles his complicated relationship with MARTA since moving to the Atlanta area about six years ago. His candid observations of how MARTA’s past, present and future is closely linked to the metropolitan region should be required reading for newcomers and long-timers alike.
Dixon wrote:

“Recently, I returned to the choice rider category, having purchased a new car, but still maintain my monthly Breeze card.  Despite what seems at times to be a losing battle, I still believe in MARTA’s promise for the region and what it can do to transform a city that historically has had great vision for itself.  I dream of the day that I can be like friends in San Francisco, New York or DC and use public transportation to reliably get to work and also enjoy the city and return home with ease at an hour of my choosing.  Once the seemingly endless political antagonizing and notions of MARTA as a tool for the “others” ends, it can become as integral to Atlanta’s fabric as Coca-Cola or Centennial Park.”

Congratulations, Lamar! Your weekly Breeze card is in the mail. We also want to congratulate MARTA Challengers Glenn Kurtz who had 35 votes, Binh Dam with eight votes and Matt West with two votes – your prized MARTA “merch” will soon be on its way.

In the meantime, please keep those cards, letters and e-mails coming.

(Editor’s Note: I’m on sick leave due to a recent injury and unfortunately delayed in announcing the latest Challenge Winners. Please accept my apologies; I hope to be caught up soon. Thanks.)


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