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Thought Leadership Will Connect Readers into a Lively Coffee Group

When I was an editor of my weekly paper in college, I was invited by Staige Blackford, the editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, to join a lively morning coffee group. You never knew what the gathered professors or writers were going to discuss each morning, but you knew the conversation was going to be interesting.

Walk into an American coffeehouse these days and the only sound you hear is the steam blowing from the barista station … everyone is focused on their own laptop or tablet. I remember visiting Vienna in the 1990s, where coffeehouses were born in the 1600s, and the room was full of groups engaged in lively conversation. I miss that sound.

When SaportaReport launches our Thought Leadership pages in January, readers of this website will be able to join a lively discussion on a wide variety of subjects over the course of 2012.

Since its founding nearly three years ago, SaportaReport has featured excellent journalism from some of Atlanta’s most seasoned journalists covering issues often not covered in traditional publications. In a few weeks, we’ll be expanding our family of writers to include experts in fields such as sustainability, healthcare, design, residential real estate and infrastructure.

Experts in each of these areas will be hosting their own discussions on these topics on pages directly behind our home page. Readers will not only be able to read thought provoking commentary on these issues, but will able to view video conversations with some of Atlanta’s most experienced professionals as they discuss topics that impact our community.

Thought Leadership isn’t brand new, but it’s also a concept that is not familiar to a lot of our readers. We hope to change that with the introduction of these pages next month. If you combine the concept of a special section published in a traditional newspaper or magazine with the instantaneous advantages provided by today’s digital Internet technology, you’ll begin to understand the exciting opportunities this platform provides our universal conversation.

With the printed section, the conversation is frozen the moment the presses begin to roll. With SaportaReport’s Thought Leadership, experts and their latest thinking will be accessible throughout the day and night – all year long.

We hope you will join our experts on their individual journeys of stimulating discussion as they host these topics on our website. Combined with the excellent conversations already taking place adjacent to each story posted by SaportaReport’s journalists, we hope you’ll make this website a frequent stop on your understanding of how metro Atlanta grows and serves its ever-expanding community.

Chris Schroder is publisher of saportareport.com, president of Schroder Public Relations and a former newspaper reporter and owner. He can be reached at [email protected]

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