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Toys for Tots is back!

New iPhone < Toys for kids in need

The new iPhone XS just came out and it’s awesome. It’s got the largest display ever, it has live wallpapers, faster charging and improved cameras. As holiday wish-list building commences, it will no doubt sit on the top of many lists like the star on a tree.

And while it’s a great feeling to put a smile on the face of a friend or loved one with a shiny new present, the cost of that new $1,000 phone could put a smile on the faces of 50 children. It could even make their holiday.

That’s where Toys for Tots comes in. But let me give you some background on the need for toys for children across Greater Atlanta.

Food, rent or toys?

Each year, United Way of Greater Atlanta’s 2-1-1 – a contact center that provides resources for children and their families – receives monthly calls consistently asking for the same three basic needs requests: food, rent and utilities. But, that changes in December.

During the holidays, one of the top three requests drops off the list and is replaced by requests for toys. That means families that may need assistance with food, rent and utilities are going without one of those basic needs in order to provide their kids with the joy of opening a holiday present — a joy that many of us take for granted each year. That’s heartbreaking.

What can you do?

As you are building your holiday wish list, don’t forget the children across Greater Atlanta that could use your help. Your gift may be the only gift they receive this holiday. They won’t have the excitement and anticipation you remember as a child, unless you do something to help. Donate to Toys for Tots today or set a reminder on your old iPhone!

Chad Parker is the Director of Multimedia Content at United Way of Greater Atlanta.

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