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Using the Internet to your advantage

By David Martin, President and CEO of VeinInnovations

A long time ago, before the Internet, the only way to find a good doctor was to ask a friend. Now the web is littered with sites to match patients with doctors, along with reviews. For a practice like mine, boosting SEO (search engine optimization) is critical. When a potential patient Googles “varicose vein treatment” I need the VeinInnovations website to show up at the top of the list.

SEO is increased by regularly adding quality content. Link a blog to your site and update with the latest news from your practice, or provide healthy living tips. My site, for example, is linked to the VeinInnovations blog I provide content for each week. When you post, adding appropriate keywords is key. Keywords are important in telling the search engine what your website is about. You should also build backlinks to your site. This is accomplished by featuring a link on high traffic websites. You will increase traffic and the popularity of your website.

We shouldn’t discount referrals. We may go to the Internet for everything, but there’s nothing we trust more than the opinion of a friend. I do my best to send patients out of the office with a pleasant, positive experience. I hope they’ll tell all their friends about it! When and if they do, you can bet the next step for the potential patient is checking out our website. Investing in a well-designed site is worth the time and the money. Imagine driving by two offices; one is clean and hip, the other is dirty and run down. Which would you choose as your new business address? The same principal applies to websites. A website affects your credibility with patients. A good one encourages them to come in, and a bad one encourages them to continue their search. You can check ours out at VeinInnovations.com.


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