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Why giving back is at the core of Primerica’s work

Primerica has been dedicated to building stronger communities from the start

When the pandemic hit, communities everywhere banded together to help family, friends and neighbors — really, anyone — struggling with the ripple effects. And whether through donating money or service hours, Primerica and its employees were right there lending a hand.

Built on a mission to help families become financially secure, giving back has been a cornerstone at Primerica since day 1. From fighting against homelessness and food insecurity to donating time and money to support families and providing childhood services, Primerica is dedicated to improving the communities where its employees live and work. 

“It’s a passion that is infused in the company’s DNA,” said Kathryn Kieser, Chief Reputation Officer of Primerica and Chair of The Primerica Foundation. “We’ve been giving back to the communities we serve forever. We didn’t just wake up one day and decide to start helping others,” she said. “And we’re always looking for ways to increase our impact.”

Primerica works with approximately 100 nonprofits, donating around $2 million each year. Over the years, these organizations have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Much of the funding is dedicated to nonprofits helping underserved, low-to-moderate income families become self-sufficient. “We’re very thoughtful in determining where our giving goes so that it has the most impact,” Kieser said.

That work has always been important, but with COVID-19 it became absolutely critical. Primerica worked with local nonprofits and civic leaders to help create one of the only homeless shelters in Gwinnett County, mobilized funding to area food banks and ensured children still had access to free school lunches and technology when classes went virtual. In addition, grant funding to HomeFirst Gwinnett helped to prevent the eviction of thousands of Gwinnett residents.

More than 2 ½ years later, the need for such services has yet to slow down, even as the pandemic and its worst impacts wane. “We are still not beyond the needs created by the pandemic and layering inflation on top of that has been very difficult for some families,” Kieser said.  “Those who had challenges supporting their family before COVID-19 are really struggling now.”

That’s where Primerica’s employees come in. Many of them are heavily engaged in their communities, helping to set up food and blood drives, walks to fight cancer and Alzheimer’s, and everything in between. Last year, Primerica employees collected about 100,000 cans for the annual Salvation Army Holiday Can-A-Thon in Gwinnett County setting a corporate donation record. The company also sponsors the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life each year and has been the top fundraising team for the past five years due to strong employee participation. 

Furthermore, Primerica looks to leave behind a positive footprint when it travels outside the metro Atlanta area through donations to local nonprofits in the cities that host its large corporate meetings. Recently, at a corporate-sponsored event in Colorado Springs, Primerica awarded funds to a local nonprofit that provides new clothing and shoes for underserved kids heading back to school. 

Regardless of where there is need, Kieser said it all comes down to people — and Primerica will always be there to help. “We work to give people a hand up in their time of need,” she said. “At the end of the day, our focus is on creating more financially secure families in the communities we serve.”


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