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YWCA of Greater Atlanta statement on overturning Roe vs. Wade

YWCA of Greater Atlanta expresses deep concern, disappointment and outrage regarding the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. While we knew this outcome was a strong possibility, the formal ruling affirms the direction, not only of the Supreme Court, but of our country at this moment in history.  YWCA of Greater Atlanta is committed to the elimination of racism and the empowerment of women.  Our mission and vision direct us to center the experiences of women in all we do. The Supreme Court’s decision places severe limits on women’s choices to control their bodies. This decision runs counter to the will of the majority of Americans and represents the will of the few to turn back the clock on women’s rights.  The deliberate denial and disregard of the reason why Roe v. Wade had to be adjudicated by the Nation’s Highest Court – because women could not receive consistent authority over their bodies through state legislation – is most concerning. This decision, borne out of the movement to enforce “states’ rights” is troubling for a number of reasons as we reflect upon how “state’s rights” impeded the acknowledgment of civil rights for all. We know the history of women’s limited choices prior to Roe v. Wade. We are also most concerned about the impact of this decision upon the freedom for reproductive justice decision-making.  For example, the right to contraception is directly threatened by this decision. We know that the decision today will impact the rights of all women, but most significantly it will impact the lives of underserved women and women of color who will not have the means to travel to the limited number of states that may allow abortion. This decision further exacerbates the inequitable health care for marginalized women across this country. We stand in solidarity with the women we serve and those who choose to advocate on behalf of reproductive freedom and autonomy.  

Let’s use this moment to turn outrage into action! Below are some efforts we all can make to ensure abortion care, healthcare, our dignity and autonomy remain intact.  

YWCA of Greater Atlanta stands in solidarity with nearly 200 local YWCA associations and YWCA USA in the belief that women and other childbearing people should have control over their own bodies. As we reflect on this nation celebrating its freedom, like the Pledge…we advocate for “liberty and justice for ALL.”


– YWCA of Greater Atlanta


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