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Alpharetta’s Downtown Took 15 Years to Become an ‘Instant Success’

By Curt Holman

You might say that Alpharetta City Center affirms the adage that it takes years of work to become an overnight success.

About 15 years ago, Alpharetta began planning to transform its downtown into a more lively and walkable destination that could serve as an anchor for this fast-growing North Fulton community.

The city received a Livable Centers Initiative grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission to develop a vision for its downtown’s future and later formed a public-private partnership to get the plans off the drawing board.

The end result is Alpharetta City Center, a 26-acre development that’s home to City Hall, a Fulton County library branch, restaurants, retail, offices, as well as residential and green space.

Read more about how this non-“overnight success” came about.


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