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ARC’s ConnectATL Summit to Help Region Prepare for Future of Mobility

It seems like science fiction: Self-driving vehicles that can be summoned on demand; smart traffic signals that monitor and optimize traffic flow; connected cars that “talk” to each other and avoid collisions.

But technology is advancing quickly, and experts say this future may actually be close at hand. It promises to fundamentally transform our region – not unlike when the horse and buggy gave way to the internal combustion engine.

To help the Atlanta region begin planning for the changes to come, the Atlanta Regional Commission is bringing city and county government officials and local transportation experts together for a one-day summit on the future of mobility. We’re calling it ConnectATL.

ConnectATL, which takes place on Friday, Sept. 22 at the Georgia Tech Conference Center, offers a chance to learn from industry leaders and other national experts about the opportunities and challenges brought about by the rapid advancements in transportation technology.


Panelists include Peter Brubaker, President and CEO of the Alliance for Transportation Innovation, a consortium of transportation technology innovators and researchers, and Josh McClung, Director of New Ventures at Cox Automotive.

Breakout sessions will be organized around the goals of the Atlanta Region’s Plan, ARC’s long-range blueprint for securing metro Atlanta’s future: providing world-class infrastructure, building a competitive economy, and fostering healthy, livable communities.

And in the exhibit hall, attendees will get an up-close look self-driving cars and other hardware and software technologies.

“It’s critically important that the Atlanta region take active steps to prepare for whatever changes may come down the road,” said Doug Hooker, ARC Executive Director. “This summit is a vital first step and will send a signal that metro Atlanta is a national leader in planning for the future of mobility and smart cities and regions.”

You can learn more about this exciting event and register at www.ConnectATL.org.

About ConnectATL

DATE: Sept. 22, 2017
TIME: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
LOCATION:  Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center
COST: Early Bird Local Government — $50 (until Aug. 22)
Early Bird Industry Leader — $75 (until Aug. 22)
WEBSITE: www.ConnectATL.org



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