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Atlanta Tops ‘Best Places to Live’ Charts

Every year, “best of” lists are compiled and released that use data from the previous year and forecast the coming year in every industry from finance to entertainment to real estate. Atlanta consistently tops real estate lists that aggregate the best places to the live, cities with the highest population growth and the “hottest” housing markets. We compiled three lists where Atlanta graces some of the tops spots to show why Atlanta is one of the best places to invest in homeownership.

Kathy Gyselinck is Executive Vice President for Southeast Mortgage

Kathy Gyselinck is Executive Vice President for Southeast Mortgage

#1 Relocation Destination

Penske Truck Rental releases an annual list of top moving destinations. The list is calculated through an analysis of one-way truck rental reservations and reservation requests the company received for one-way moves. In 2013, for the fourth year in a row, Atlanta graced the number one spot. CNN cited Atlanta’s median income of $66,300, a home price growth forecast at 5.3 percent and the number of company headquarters located in Atlanta as some of the reasons why Atlanta beat out other trending hot spots such as Tampa, Fl., Orlando, Fl. and Phoenix.

#6 Best Place to Invest in Housing

After the housing bust, investors snatched up properties when prices and mortgage rates were bottomed out. As home prices and rates continue to rise, investors are taking a step back, which makes it an ideal time for the rest of us to invest in a home. Forbes created a list of the top 20 places to invest in housing in 2014, giving the top spots to populous cities where home prices are still low with expected high growth potential and job creation. The Fort Worth-Arlington area in Texas snagged the number one spot while Atlanta landed at number six. The average home price of $170,701 with an average three-year forecast growth of 26 percent led Atlanta to break the top 10.

#3 Best City in America

The Movoto blog, self-proclaimed as “the lighter side of real estate,” named Atlanta the third best city to live in America, losing only to Portland, Or. and Seattle, but beating out the ever-popular cities of San Francisco, Miami and Las Vegas.

Motovo regularly releases nontraditional lists such as “nerdiest cities” (calculated by factors including people per comic book store, bookstore and science museum) and “the most exciting suburbs” ­­– calculated by live music venues and comedy clubs per person, among other factors. To calculate the best city in America, Motovo compiled all of these nonconventional lists. Some of the factors that led Atlanta to placing third out of the 50 most populous cities in the U.S. include: first in funniest, 20th for homebuyers and 8th most exciting city.

Atlanta topping ‘Best Places to Live’ lists and others like best places to invest in housing, best cities in America and most one-way moves demonstrate the area’s continued economic recovery and increased consumer confidence in Atlanta’s real estate.


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  1. M. F. November 22, 2015 6:21 pm

    Atlanta truly is a great place to live! Having worked closely with a local home builder, I know that many areas suurounding Atlanta offer affordable homes. You really get a lot for your money in places like Kennesaw, Suwanne and others. I’d highly recommend checking out the homes here if you’re thinking about moving within the Atlanta area, http://www.drhorton.com/Georgia/Atlanta.aspxReport


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