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Buckhead cityhood opposition group says it will keep fighting, too

Committee for a United Atlanta supporters posting yard signs opposing Buckhead cityhood at a December 2021 event, as seen on the CUA Facebook page.

By John Ruch

The main opposition group to Buckhead cityhood says it will keep fighting, despite key legislation apparently being dead in the water, because proponents aren’t giving up.

The anti-cityhood Committee for a United Atlanta (CUA) and the pro-cityhood Buckhead City Committee (BCC) are now both calling on their supporters to continue such advocacy as posting yard signs.

“There is still a chance that legislation to de-annex the Buckhead neighborhood could be brought back before the [General Assembly] session ends in early April,” the CUA wrote in a Feb. 17 email to its supporters. “Moreover, we should anticipate that similar language may be submitted next year.”

Asked later whether the CUA believes there is a specific mechanism for reviving the legislation or is just responding to continued cityhood agitation, co-chair Edward Lindsey said, “At this point, simply the latter. As long as BCC continues to keep up the rhetoric, we will stay vigilant.”

Cityhood legislation was declared dead for this session earlier this month by Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, who directs the flow of Senate bills, and House Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge). Ralston said new Mayor Andre Dickens deserves time to tackle crime, the core political driver of cityhood. Duncan said the BCC had failed to provide answers to key questions about such issues as Atlanta Public Schools and bond debt impacts and called Bill White, the group’s leader, “disgusting” for inventing a conspiracy theory about the suicide of MARTA’s CEO.

However, the BCC has said it will continue its advocacy. On Feb. 16, the group announced a “two-step plan” that essentially just meant it will keep doing the same thing. The group doubled down on White’s leadership, saying he will remain CEO, and stated a general intent to “continue its fundraising efforts and keep pushing for a vote on cityhood.”


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  1. End Dunwoody Apartheid February 20, 2022 5:12 pm

    John, any update on your story about Dunwoody racism? Dekalb County is 54% African American, yet Dunwoody is only 12% African American. There’s also a shortage of affordable housing in Dunwoody. Let’s swtich gears from Buckhead and call out the segregationist residents and businesses of Dunwoody. No more hate!Report


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