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Goose Bumps, and a Glimpse into Our Future: Why You Need to Attend the 2020 Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text dp_text_size=”size-4″]By Brian Carr, Director of Marketing and Communications, Midtown Alliance Since the earliest days of organizing neighborhood leadership in Midtown Atlanta, one simple truth has endured: when you bring committed actors from all corners of the district together in a room, get them on the same page, and stretch their thinking, there’s no limit […]

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Why Atlanta Needs Another Park – How HUB404 Will Answer the Question

by Jim Durrett, executive director, Buckhead Community Improvement District James Ryan, the President of the University of Virginia, my alma mater, included the following paragraph in his letter in the most recent UVA alumni magazine: “Our world is also facing enormous challenges. Democracy faces pressure both at home and abroad. Political polarization is rampant. Climate […]

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Our 2020 Imperative: Breathing New Life into Public and Private Spaces

By Kevin Green, President and CEO, Midtown Alliance In successful cities, there’s a growing demand to create quality public spaces that foster a civic identity so when you’re there, you know you’re there. Places that make you stop, take note of your surroundings and appreciate the moment enough that you can look back on the […]

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Special Holiday Program Shines a Light on the Power of Placemaking

By Lauren Bohn, Project Manager, Urban Design at Midtown Alliance There’s something magical about experiencing the holidays in the heart of the city. Bustling sidewalks. Holiday performances. The recent Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Parade. Midtown Alliance is celebrating with a festive addition to Peachtree Street: hundreds of thousands of LED lights and an array […]

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Woodruff Park Enhances Peachtree Street’s Vibrancy

By A.J. Robinson, President, Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District Amidst bustling office towers, hotels, and retail establishments, public parks and greenspaces along Peachtree Street offer welcomed opportunities for respite and recreation. In Downtown, the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) has focused on enhancing Woodruff Park, located at the intersection of Peachtree […]

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Untangling Homelessness: Thankful for Difference Makers on the Front Lines

By Ellie Hensley, Midtown Alliance  A perennial issue in any urban district is homelessness. While nationally homelessness is trending upward and other cities have seen sharp increases in recent years, the City of Atlanta has seen a 25 percent decrease since 2015 (Partners for Home 2019 Point-In-Time Report, p10).  Still, more work remains to be […]

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Mission Accomplished – Building Atlanta’s Sustainable Future

By Audrey Leous, Project Manager, Planning & Sustainability, Central Atlanta Progress Peachtree Street is home to some of the largest and most well-known high-rise buildings in Atlanta. Over the past decade, many of these buildings have participated in a hallmark program known as the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (ABBC).  Originally enrolling in 2011, the City […]

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Atlanta’s Main Street – Its Past, Present and Future

By Jim Durrett, Executive Director, Buckhead CID With apologies to Farmers Insurance, regarding Atlanta’s growth and development, I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two. My career in the field of land use, city planning and growth management began in 1996.  This was about the time when my friend Chris […]