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Clean Birthing Kit Project

Charles Redding, CEO & President of MedShare

Each day, over 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. And 2 million mothers watch their babies die within 24 hours of birth. But the good news is, these deaths are preventable. In fact, 98% of maternal deaths are preventable. And if low-cost, low-tech medical care is provided to infants and new mothers at birth, 3 million babies can be saved each year.

Global health issues often seem like enormous and impossible problems to solve. But when you understand how easily maternal and infant deaths can be prevented, the question of “How could I possibly make any difference?” changes from a rhetorical one to a practical one. And we have an answer.

MedShare is delivering 100,000 Clean Birthing Kits to communities in need around the world. Each kit contains the medical supplies necessary for women to give birth safely in areas without healthcare resources. In April, we launched 2 Million Mothers, an initiative of our Maternal & Child Health Program. 2 Million Mothers aims to reduce the infant and maternal mortality rates in developing nations through improved medical intervention and better pre and post-natal care for women in low-resource communities. We’re asking members of the Atlanta community to come together and help us create these Clean Birthing Kits. 100,000 kits have the potential to protect 200,000 lives — each kit serving a mom and her baby. So if you’re asking yourself how you could possibly make a difference, you can — visit www.medshare.org/2-million-mothers and support 2 Million Mothers!

Featured photo: A mother in Blantyre, Malawi cradles her newborn. Both were served by medical supplies donated to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital by MedShare.


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