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How Critical is Success at the Ballot Box in July 2012 to Metro Atlanta?

Quality of Life
Metro Atlanta’s quality of life is greatly impacted by our severe traffic congestion.  Consider these facts:

  • The average metro Atlantan spends 43 hours a year stuck in traffic. 
  • Atlanta ranks worst in the nation for Daily Peak Period Travel Time at 127 minutes.
  • Atlanta’s total cost of traffic congestion is nearly $2.4 billion EVERY YEAR. 

(Source: 2010 Texas Transportation Institute Annual Urban Mobility Report)
Get Home Faster:
Approval of the July 31 regional transportation referendum will result in getting you home sooner.  Congestion will be reduced, allowing parents to make their children’s soccer games, piano recitals, etc.
Citizen-driven Project List:
Over 200,000 metro-Atlanta citizens gave their input to arrive at the final list of 157 projects that will be delivered if the July 31 vote is approved.  This unprecedented public input process resulted in a very balanced list of projects: road and transit, small and large, safety and technology, equitably distributed across the region.
Economic Development
Passage of the 2012 transportation referendum will inject over $7 billion in needed transportation projects over 10 years. The overall economic impact of this investment will spur job creation, retention and expansion across the region, jump-starting Atlanta’s economy.


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