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MARTA Police Chief Wanda Y. Dunham talks safety on a tour of proposed routes in Gwinnett County

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is prepared to expand if voters in Gwinnett County choose to join the system in a referendum vote on Tuesday, March 19.

Gwinnett County already benefits from limited bus service, but with its population expected to double in 20 years, it may prove insufficient for moving a large number of people every day. Even residents who choose not to ride public transit could benefit from its expansion, as it would remove cars from the already congested roads.

During a recent tour of the MARTA rail system, journalists saw the benefits of public transit. In addition to moving almost a half-million people daily, MARTA is increasingly becoming the epicenter for development as businesses look to relocate near transit. Other rail station amenities such as soccer pitches and fresh produce markets highlight how transit hubs are part of the communities they serve.

MARTA Chief of Rail Operations David Springstead shows reporters the new State Farm entrance at Dunwoody Station

MARTA General Manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker told journalists during the tour how MARTA remains committed to being a fiscally sound and responsible agency, focused on delivering quality transit service while being good stewards of the public’s money. MARTA Chief of Rail Operations David Springstead added that with 40 years of combined bus and rail service experience, MARTA has a clear track record of successful transit expansion.

The Gwinnett County transit plan includes short, mid-, and long-term projects with heavy rail and express bus plans. On a tour of the proposed routes last Friday, MARTA Police Chief Wanda Y. Dunham spoke about her department’s dedication to safety and security. She pointed out that MARTA is one of the safest transit agencies in the country with hundreds of officers and thousands of cameras constantly keeping watch.

MARTA is working with Gwinnett County to prepare for a seamless transition of service if the referendum passes. Gwinnett County Transit customers will not experience a disruption in service after the election.

Featured Image: MARTA GM & CEO Jeffrey Parker speaks with a customer on the Red Line during a recent media tour of the system



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  1. David Barber March 19, 2019 9:44 am

    There is no estimate remotely close to your statement that Gwinnett’s population will double in the next 20 years.Report


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