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The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) will maintain the $1 fare to ride the Atlanta Streetcar. MARTA assumed ownership and day-to-day operations of the streetcar on Sunday, July 1.

The four-car light rail system will be part of MARTA’s new Office of Light Rail Operations. This office will handle daily operations, maintenance, and technical inspections. Communications, human resources, and policing, as well as other support services, will be provided by staff within current MARTA departments.

MARTA is focused on enhancing safety and security, increasing ridership, and reducing operating costs of the streetcar. The light rail system’s 2.7-mile circular route presents an opportunity for MARTA to provide last-mile connectivity to riders, aligning rail schedules so commuters can use the streetcar for the last leg of their trip. This transition will also allow the streetcar to be integrated into the area’s larger transportation system which received a boost this legislative session with the passage of House Bill 930.

Decisions about service frequency and route expansion as well as transitioning to a Breeze card paying system for the streetcar will be made in the months to come.

The operating budget will be underwritten by More MARTA, the 2016 half-penny sales tax referendum.


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