Where the history of Atlanta is concerned, one could be forgiven if the name Warren Zevon did not immediately come to mind. However, given that this is a Stories of Atlanta, connecting the dots in an unexpected manner should not come as a surprise. Neither should connecting downtown Atlanta with the name Lawrence Talbot, and yet, here we are.

This is probably the point where we explain to those who do not count themselves among the cognoscenti of Universal Films 1940’s horror movies that Lawrence Talbot is the character that actor Lon Chaney Jr. played in the classic film, The Wolf Man. However, if we lost you right off the bat with the name Warren Zevon, it probably will not help you connect the dots to learn that our story this week is about Trader Vic’s.

To carry the fan genre one step further, foodies who seek out not just a meal, but an experience will certainly know Trader Vic’s as a pioneer of experiential dining. And yes, there actually was a Trader Vic and, yes, he actually did travel to Cuba to learn all he could about rum and then on to the islands of the South Pacific to soak-in, some would say appropriate, the Polynesian culture. Be that as it may, it’s time to grab your favorite taonga, pour yourself a glass of pre-embargo Cuban rum and sit back and enjoy this week’s Stories of Atlanta.

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