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There is an oft-repeated phrase used to illustrate the common experience of those passing through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport. Something about how, even when traveling to the afterlife, you’ll need to make connections through Atlanta. It is the sort of thing that comes with the territory when one manages the world’s most traveled airport. Given the amount of traffic that passes through Hartsfield-Jackson on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that, when it comes to transportation, Atlanta’s reputation precedes itself. You may, however, be surprised to learn that there’s nothing new about Atlanta’s reputation as a busy transportation hub. Long before air-travel became the thing, Atlanta had the reputation of being a place to make connections no matter what the destination, as we learn in this week’s Stories of Atlanta.

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Lance Russell

Lance Russell is an Atlanta-based filmmaker and media communicator who, for over three decades, has been entrusted by clients to tell their stories. A seasoned producer with an innate ability to cut to...

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